Contractor Opportunity: Build ADA Handrails

For years welding fabricators have had a monopoly on installing ADA handrails. Our Series 500 ADA fittings make it possible for contractors to now enter the area of handrail construction. Listen to what contractor Andy Pease had to say:
"Now that I've worked with the fittings, I could build and significantly improve this same Kee Klamp project in one third of the time. This product gives fence contractors the opportunity to compete with fabricators who can bend and weld on site. Because there hasn't been much competition, I think it's a substantial market with good margins, but they can't send guys like me into a hatchet fight without a hatchet. Either way, I'm going to start knocking on doors to see if I can get the GC's that use me for fence to call me for handrail quotes as well."
Our Customer Solutions Providers will help you understand our system and get the proper bill of materials together for constructing these types of jobs. Here are some pictures from Andy's job: Western elevation framed.JPG Southern duel ramp.JPG Southern ramp1.JPG

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