20 Beautiful Pipe Railings Built with Our Handrail Kits

It can be easy to associate pipe and fittings with the industrial aesthetic, which is often imagined as aged, rustic, run-down, or in other words, less than perfect visually. However, that's not always the case. Although fittings are industrial in their use, they can still be used to build great-looking structures.

Since, our Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are often used to build railings, we're here to show you that not only can these railings be functional, they can be beautiful too. To prove to you that railings built with pipe and fittings can still look amazing, here are 20 pipe railings that are just as beautiful as they are functional:


Porch Outdoor Railing

Black Front Porch Railing

Bruce installed the above two railings for the front porch of his home. After having them installed for some time, his wife wanted to have them painted. So Bruce cleaned the pipe and fittings using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate), followed by a rinse, and left out to dry. He then applied 3 coats of primer, specifically designed for galvanized steel, followed by 3 coats of black spray paint.

The two railings installed in front of Bruce's home were built using our Classic Limited Simple Rail Handrail Kit.


Porch Railing

Galvanized Porch Handrail

Jacob installed this railing for one of his customers to allow easy access up and down the stairs in front of this gorgeous home. Jacob appreciated the ease of use of the fittings, which was ultimately why he went with one of our railings. The railing seen here was built using a custom solution but is very similar to our Hybrid Surface & Wall Mount Railing.


Dock Pipe Railing for Stairs

Dock Pipe Railing

The above railing was installed by Bill for the steps down to the dock outside his home. The railing was built using our Classic Limited Outdoor Handrail and was powder coated green. It looks great and fits perfectly with the rest of the colors present.

Stair Railing


black pipe Railing

Black Pipe Railing for Front Porch

These two railings were installed by John for the front steps outside his home. The two railings were painted black and were built using our Classic Offset Simple Rail Handrail.

Porch Railing


pipe railing for outdoor stairs

Deck Handrail

David found his pipe railing for his stairs and deck edge through a custom solution. Our design team helped David customize the pipe railing that provides support and stability. David sprayed the railing brown and appreciates the stability of the railing.

"I wanted a railing for my 1880's house that would compliment the feel while offering stability and style. I primed the rails and then sprayed with a textured brown paint. Super look with serious stability!"


Staircase Railing

Indoor Stair Railing

When Eric removed a wall to open an enclosed stairwell in his home, he needed a safe railing around the stairwell and a handrail for the stairs to match. The above railing is the result of his handy work. Eric decided to bend some of the pipe using a pipe bender but Kee Klamp fittings allowed him to finish the project much faster than regular pipe fittings:

"I started out planning with regular pipe fittings, but the Simplified Building range of products gave me more options, especially since the product line includes specialized parts for hand rails. I liked having more options, and the site pictures made it easy to visualize how the final product would look."

The inserts in the railing are made from perforated steel sheet with laser-cut borders, which Eric welded on. Check out more of Eric's designs.


Galvanized Pipe Railing for Stairs

Wooden Stair Pipe Railing

The railing pictured here was built by Patrick for the steps leading down to a beach at Lake Michigan. The wooden stair railing is 64 feet long and accompanies a staircase with 52 steps. The pipe railing for stairs is built entirely from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. Patrick appreciated the ease of use and was very happy with how the railing turned out:

"I was looking for rail ideas and saw your product online. After talking with Michael (Simplified Building Customer Service), I was confident that your product would solve my problem, and it turned out great...It was as easy as Michael Braun said it would be."

Pipe railing for stairs


Boat Dock Pipe Railing

White Finish Dock Railing

The above pipe railing was built by Rob, a resident of Chesapeake, Virginia, for a local boat dock. The railing is 14 feet long by 36 inches high and ensures people don't slip off the dock. To enhance the look of the railing, Rob painted the pipe and fittings with a white powder coat finish.

Read more about this project in: "Corrosion Resistant Boat Dock Railing"


Stadium Railing

Gymnasium Safety Railing

This pipe railing was built to provide safety when accessing seating in this gymnasium. There is a guardrail at the front of the seating section and a handrail going up and down the stairs. The railing is functional yet fits well and looks great inside the gym. An added bonus for using a railing like this here is that it provides an obstruction-free view of the court.

Stadium Railing


Railing for Concrete Steps

Concrete Step Handrail

Jim was concerned about the safety of going up and down these stairs. That's when he decided to install a new pipe railing for the stairs. After searching online, he stumbled across Simplified Building and was able to find a solution that suited his situation perfectly. He was able to install a railing with minimal effort and appreciated that the railing was easy to assemble. Jim described it as a "simple and clean installation".

Read more about this project and others like it in: "15 Customer Railing Examples for Concrete Steps"


Railing for Back Deck

Deck Handrail

The above railing was installed by John to comply with his home insurance. His insurance company wanted him to install a railing on his back deck to ensure it was safe and up to code. Rather than hiring a contractor, John was able to install this railing himself using our Classic Limited Simple Rail Handrail Kit.

“We recently purchased two of your Surface 29 - Surface Mount Railing Kits. Our insurance company wanted one railing for our steps from our lakeside deck. We decided two rails would be twice as good. All parts arrived on time and the 7' Grab Rails were the perfect length. Installation was quick and easy. We needed twelve 2" x 1/2" lag screws to mount the uprights to 2" x 6" sections of our steps. We aligned the two rails to match, and our project was complete. The rails look great we are extremely pleased!”

Pipe Handrail for Back Deck - Side View


Industrial Style Pipe Railing

Indoor Staircase Railing

The railing seen here, in this contemporary kitchen, provides safe access up and down the staircase to the kitchen and prevents people from falling off the edge. The railing is built entirely from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. The railing extends to the ceiling, not only to provide additional support but to accent the modern feel of the room.

Read more about this project and others like it in: "Industrial Styled Railing for Loft Living"


Pipe Railing for Stone Front Porch

Stone Front Porch Pipe Handrail

This railing was installed by Anthony for the front steps of his family's summer cottage. His elderly mother-in-law had trouble climbing the stairs, and Anthony was concerned for her safety. So he decided to install a railing. The railing seen here was built using our Signature Offset Outdoor Handrail.

Anthony appreciated the sturdiness of the railing and told us that he ultimately went with this kit because it was quick, easy, and he wouldn't have to replace it in his lifetime.

pipe handrails for outdoor steps


Sturdy Pipee Handrail for Home

Concrete Stone Railing

The above railing was built for the concrete pathway outside this home and put together using our Classic Offset Simple Rail Handrail Kit. Learn how to install this railing (with video) in: "Build a Simple Handrail - Surface L160"


Installing Outdoor Pipe Railing to Stone Walls

Stone Wall Handrail

Bob needed to build a railing that could be easily mounted to the stone wall of this curved staircase. However, it was too costly and problematic for Bob to build one piece of railing himself. After some searching, he found Simplified Building, and was able to find a solution that would require much less effort (as compared to a welded solution) and was much less costly.

Bob chose our ADA parts and fittings because they allowed him to create a smooth railing that could fit to the curve of the wall. The railing was painted black to match the aesthetic better and the result is a fantastic-looking railing.

Read more about this project in: "Adding Railing to a Stone Wall"

Adding Railing to Stone Walls


Loft Railing

Loft Railing

Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, Chris was able to built this railing for the loft in his daughter's playroom. The railing was painted white to match the aesthetics of the room. The finished result looks fantastic, and most importantly, it keeps his daughters safe. Here's what Chris had to say...

"I have a very tall room that was being used as a playroom for my girls, and I needed a bit extra room for them so I built a loft space above a closet area. I needed a railing, and I did not want it to be out of wood because I wanted it to be safe even though I only have girls. I purchased some Kee Klamps and some galvanized pipes, painted them white and installed the railing to keep my girls safe from falling off above. The project turned out perfect, thank you Simplified Building."

Read more about this project and others like it in: "5 Unique Loft Ideas Built With Industrial Pipe"


Glass Panel Balcony Railing

Custom Balcony Railing

The above railing was built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, while glass panels are used to accent the railing. The panels are attached in four corners using the P50 Offset Tab. The end result is a great-looking, custom balcony railing that was relatively easy for the owners to build.

Read more about this project in: "Glass Panel Balcony Pipe Railing - Simple, Elegant, and Safe"


ADA Railing on Wooden Ramp

ADA Wooden Ramp Railing

Wood is a very popular material for building accessibility ramps for businesses. However, the one problem with a wooden ramp is that the wood railings do not meet the ADA standard for handrails. ADA standards indicate that the railing must be made of round pipe so the railing can be easily gripped with the hand.

That's when Ryan turned to Simplified Building's ADA fittings to help him build an ADA compliant railing. Ryan found our railing system simple to use, and you can see that the finished rail turned out great.

Read more about this project in: "How to Add ADA Railing to a Wooden Access Ramp"


Kitchen Railing

Interior Pipe Railing

The above railing was built by Angilynn for the steps leading up into her kitchen. The old railing was wobbly and no longer safe. So Angilynn decided it was time to install a new one. She had researched threaded pipe fittings but found they were difficult to use and line up correctly. So she continued searching and found Simplified Building.

Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, she was able to build a new railing that is solid and was much easier to install had she gone with threaded fittings. To match the aesthetic in her kitchen and living room, the railing was painted a copper color.


Brick Porch Railing

Brick Step Handrail

This pipe handrail was installed by Leon for the brick steps outside his home. The railing was painted a cream color to match the aesthetics of the home and was built using our Signature Offset style Surface Mount Railing Kit.

As you can see, even though these railings are all built using industrial fittings and pipe, they still all look fantastic. There is no compromising on quality, functionality, and in this case, looks. Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, or even one of our outdoor railing kits, makes it possible to easily to assemble your own railing that keeps you and your loved ones safe and still looks great.

Simple Rail™ Handrail Kits

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