Barn Loft

Karl Hofmann's Barn LoftWe built this barn loft for Karl's father. He has a large pole barn and wanted to create a storage level off the floor. As you can see from the pictures, using Kee Klamp parts allowed us to build the structure without moving the boat! The structure was 12 feet wide and 24 feet long and took us about 5 hours to construct. The only tools we need were a racheting allen wrench, a hammer, a tape measure and a ladder! Loft PlansThe plan is for the loft grid to be covered with plywood. This will form the floor. The bars that are sticking up into the air will form the railing around the edge.

Please visit the Project Page for full instructions, examples, and parts list.

. Below are more pictures of the project. When we get back to take pictures of the completed project we will be sure to post them here.
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