Amazing Bus Conversion - Part 2 - Roof Deck


Yesterday we blogged about the wind turbine support on the bus.  Today we talk about the deck structure on the roof of the bus.  Looking at the picture above you can see that the deck on the roof is supported by pipe and fittings that are attached to the side of the bus.  Refer to this web site for a complete log on the bus, including the building of the deck.

Due to the curvature of the bus roof, the bottom of the deck needed to be supported from the outside edges.  To accomplish this, the author used a couple of flanges and pipe to support the decking structure.

The 64 Vertical Flanges are used to attach to a relatively small space in-between the windows while the 62 Base Flange is used to attach the pipe to the decking.  In addition to these fittings, there are no closes ups of this, but their are also a few support the utilize C58 Swivel Flanges to support the decking at an angle in a number of locations where attaching vertically would have obstructed the window.

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Learn more about this amazing school bus conversion on the authors web site.

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