10 Invaluable Uses for a Rolling Shelf

Basic Rolling Shelf

Featured in Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls, this ingeniously-designed rolling shelf's frame is constructed from fence posts and Kee Klamp fittings. Casters attached to the bottom of the unit allow for easy, almost effortless portability. The beauty of this basic rolling shelf design is that you can customize its size to fit your individual needs. Then, once it is built, its sturdy construction and virtually unlimited storage capabilities practically ensure that you will never, ever run out of uses for it. These 10 rolling shelf inspirational ideas illustrate how your small, one-time investment can pay for itself over and over again when used both inside and outside of your home.

1. Shoes, Clothing and Accessories

Shelf for Clothing and Accessories

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Fashionistas will appreciate the basic rolling shelf design that allows them to customize the sizes of the plastic storage containers to fit varying sized boots, shoes and sandals. Rolling storage shelves for shoes, clothing and accessories can also be constructed to hold shoe boxes, garment bags and jewelry boxes.

2. Garage Storage

Garage Storage

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The garage is one of the most universally unkempt rooms in the house. Since so many dirty jobs go on in there, it can seem like there is no use in trying to keep it clean and organized. However, once you use a rolling shelf to keep things neat and tidy in the garage, you will quickly see that you have a lot more room for inspiration, tools, materials, and craftsmanship.

3. Warehouse Cart

Warehouse Cart

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The long, seemingly never ending corridor of a warehouse is made even more unbearable with the added weight of materials and supplies. However, the assistance of a rolling shelf lightens the load and allows far less trips to be made down the aisle.

4. Gardening Cart

Gardening Cart

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Once you go rolling shelf storage for gardening, you never go back. The beauty of using the basic design is that you can custom-tailor it to include spaces for all of your most commonly used tools. You can also roll the shelf around the outside of your home, making it easier for you to grab the gardening tools you need as you need them.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Home Chef Supplies

Indoor/outdoor Home Chef Supplies

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You cannot make great food without great ingredients, kitchen tools and gadgets. If you love to cook outdoors just as much you love to cook indoors, rolling storage shelves can help you better keep up with things that you could normally easily misplace bringing outside to the grill. You can store dried spices, bagged charcoal, utensils, and even plates, napkins and beverage ware in the cart. You can also design your piece to hold your beloved pots and pans and grilling tools.

6. Pantry Staples

Pantry Staples

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If your pantry looks like a snapshot out of the 1950s, a built-to-fit rolling shelf might be exactly what you need to bring the small room into the 21st century. The beauty of designing your own pantry rolling storage shelf is that you can keep all of Grandma's antique Mason jars safe and out of the way, while still having more than enough room for new, dry-storage items.

7. Arts and Craft Supplies

Arts and Crafts Supplies

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Every artist has to adhere to a strict supply organizational system to create his or her masterpieces with ease. That being said, it is not always easy to keep arts and crafts supplies together in an organized manner. Rolling storage shelves take the guesswork out of your arts and crafts supply storage, and allow you to easily add new supplies or remove outdated supplies without having to rearrange your whole system.

8. Eco-Friendly Storage for Low-Effort Packing and Moving

Eco-Friendly Storage for Low-Effort Packing and Moving

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If your job, and life, on the road? If you are a traveling worker, chances are you move from one temporary housing location to another quite frequently. Lucky for you, investing in a rolling shelf could mean that you never, ever have to pack another moving box again. Instead, you can have us help you custom-design a rolling storage shelf that fits into your vehicle. Then, you can use the unit as a chest of drawers when in the temporary location, and as an eco-friendly moving solution to get your stuff to your next temporary housing location.

9. Tools

Tools Storage

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Since just as many women are working in garage or outdoor shops as much as men are in this modern era, proper tool storage is a contemporary necessity. Rolling shelves allow each member of your family to store his or her tools in their rightful place, and roll them over to individual work sites without putting undue strain on the body in the process.

10. Home Office Supplies

Home Office Supplies

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Whether you work full-time at home, or just have a home office for everyone in the house to share, keeping the area clean and clutter-free is the surefire way to maximize everyone's home work time. This rolling shelf holds smaller items, such as rubber bands or paper clips, just as well as it holds larger items, including paper, folders, shredders and portable filing units.

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