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International Ordering Policies

We do sell to customers outside the United States and Canada. We have many satisfied customers outside of North America, and welcome you to purchase from us.

International shipments are subject to a different set of shipping and payment policies.

  • We only accept advanced payment via credit card or money order for international orders.
  • We will ship to just about anywhere we can get a freight quote.
  • We will not pay your freight fowarder cash. We will either use our own freight carriers or one that you pay directly.
  • You are responsible for all the shipping costs in the case of a return. So double check your order and be sure you are ordering exactly what you need.
  • Shipping and handling rates will be expensive. In many cases the cost of shipping can be more expensive than the cost of goods. Please consider this before asking us for a shipping quotation.
  • Additional duties may be due on the receipt of your item. You are responsible for all import duties on the products you order.

If you are interested in getting a quote, please fill in the form below and we will followup with a shipping quotation and further directions on making payment.


International Order Quotation

We need the entire delivery address where you would like the materials delivered. Without this piece of information we cannot provide you with a quotation.

Tell us what parts you are looking for and in what quantity.

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