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Model: Kwik AC

Product Description

The Kwik Kit Safety Railing aluminum corner kit allows you to create a sturdy corner railing that requires no welding. All Kwik Kits are powder-coated in safety yellow for high visibility. The railing kits are quick to assemble using an Allen wrench and can be secured using bolts or chemical anchors attached to the base fittings. The aluminum corner kit is pre-packaged with all the components needed to assemble a 6-foot by 6-foot corner section of railing. And by using a combination of Corner, Straight, or Extension Kits, almost any basic railing requirement can be fulfilled. The rails may be cut where shorter sections are required.

The Aluminum Corner Kit Includes:
  • (2) Pre-assembled 42-inch Upright Posts
    • (2) Ninety-degree Elbows
    • (2) Single Socket Tees
  • (1) Pre-assembled 42-inch Corner Posts
    • (1) Side Outlet Elbow
    • (1) Ninety Degree Side Outlet Tee
  • (4) 6-foot Horizontal Rails
  • (3) Standard Railing Base Flanges
Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kit Benefits
  • Strong and safe: they exceed OSHA and BOCA standards
  • Attractive safety yellow powder coated pipe
  • Easy to assemble using an Allen wrench
  • Available in Aluminum or Iron/Steel
  • 6-foot spacing means lower system cost per foot
  • Standard Pipe O.D. 1.90"

Additional Information

Model Kwik AC
Manufacturer Kee Safety
Garage Mounting Location Wall
Metal Aluminum
Length 144"
Height 42"
Compliance OSHA Standards
Color Safety Yellow
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