Choosing Outdoor Stair Railing Kit
for Your Home or Business

Our simple handrail kits are easy to install, will last a long time, and are designed to be compliant and safe. From making a house safer for your loved ones to opening your business, these kits make it easy for you to finish that project quickly. You can contact our experts to help you customize any of our kits to help with any unique situations.

So that you don’t have to sort through more options than necessary, we’ve broken the kits down into three separate categories.

Surface Mounted Handrail Kits

Surface Mounted Stair Railing

Surface mounted handrail kits for your stairs are supported by vertical posts. These posts will mount into wood, concrete, or brick. These are great when you don’t have any walls or structures to mount into.

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Wall Mounted Handrail Kits

Wall Mounted Stair Rail Kit

The wall mounted handrail kits will mount to a wall. No vertical posts are included in these kits. These are great when you have a wall that you can attach to, saving on cost and space.

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Hybrid Mounted Handrail Kits

Hybrid Mounted Stair Rail Kit

Hybrid mounted handrail kits allow you to mount to a wall and a post, depending on where you need either. These are ideal for stairs into cellars and garages or when you don’t have the space for one of the posts.

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Why Simple Rail?

Deck Stair Railing

Keep Your Handrail Simple

Do It Yourself doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch.

Our handrail kits for stairs are designed so that you get what you need in one box without having to scour through plank after plank hoping to find lumber that isn’t warped and knotted.

The posts and handrails are cut to size out of the box, making our handrail kits easy to install.

Have Confidence in Your Handrail

Rotted or rusty handrails don’t inspire a sense of safety when you grab a hold of them.

Our handrail kits are made from galvanized steel without any of the welding that causes steel to rust more quickly.

The steel pipe adds the level of security you want when your loved ones really need the support.

Front Stair Railing

Wall Mounted Business Railing

Pass Inspection the First Time

There’s little more frustrating than thinking a project is finished to find out that the inspector wants you to replace the handcrafted railing you worked so hard on.

Our stair handrail kits were designed by code experts who know the handrail height, post spacing, and other requirements.

This way you don’t have to wonder what the inspectors will say.

How Simple Are Simplified Outdoor Stair Railing Kits?

Assembling your outdoor stair railing kits is fast and easy. This video will give you a good idea of what is involved in building a Simple Rail handrail. Learn how easy it is to install our other stair railing kits.

Frequently Asked Handrail Questions

Should the handrail be on the right or left?

Many state building codes only require that residential handrails be present on one side of the staircase. Handrail coverage on both sides of your stairs is a good thing, but it's generally not required. Put your handrail on the side that makes you most comfortable when going up and down.

How many steps can you take without a handrail?

Building code varies from state to state. Most say that any set of stairs with three or more risers requires a handrail on at least one side. Ultimately the most important thing is that you and your loved ones feel safe going up and down your steps. You may have an aging mother whose house has a single step down to the driveway. She may need a railing to feel safe even if a handrail is not required in the code.

Are handrails required for exterior steps?

Most states and some insurance companies require that exterior steps with more than three risers have a handrail. You may find that a handrail gives those with mobility challenges the confidence they need, even if a railing is not required.

How thick should a handrail be?

General ADA code requires that the grabrail be at least 1 1/4 inch but no more than 2 inches thick. All of our Simple Rail kits come with grabrails that meet this code exactly.

Do you need two handrails for stairs?

For residential applications, handrails are only required on one side by most code authorities. Choose the side of your steps that is the most convenient and makes you feel safe as you are going up and down your stairs.
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