Your clothing racks should be as unique as their room. Whether it's your back storage room or your bedroom closet, our clothing rack kits can fit anywhere and any way you need. Check out all the kits available for you and your garment storage needs.

Industrial Strength

Using structural tubing and fittings for our custom clothing racks gives you the confidence you need to store your clothing. All our clothing rack kits are made from the same material, meaning they will hold up to the heaviest of clothing.


All our clothing rack kits are able to be customized to fit your retail space. Add on different features like shelves or face-outs and make them unique to your store. Or build them however you like to fit your brand's vibe!

Easy Install

Leave expensive installation quotes aside and purchase the simplest-to-install clothing racks on the market. With minimal components, pre-cut lengths of tubing, and step-by-step instructions anyone can install these clothing rack kits.

Simple Clothing Rack Kits

Nice Retail Display Clothing Rack

Adaptable to Fit Anywhere

Select and customize your clothing rack kits to fit any space.

From the largest warehouse, to the smallest closet, our clothing rack kits are the perfect way to utilize the most of your space with different wall mounted and free standing designs.

With varying heights and lengths available, each kit can be ordered to your exact specifications. If something more custom is needed, our team is ready to help with the design!

The Strongest Solution

Our clothing rack kits are strong enough to hold any garment.

Made from structural tube and fittings, these kits will hold up to any clothing line. T-shirts, coats, suit jackets, or kids clothing, our clothing racks can hold it all!

Our galvanized steel clothing rack kits provide both the strength to hold hundreds of clothing and the durability to last a lifetime. This is your one-size-fits-all solution to displaying clothes and storing clothes.

Storage Clothing Racks

Retail Clothing Racks

Designed to Grow With You

Change up your clothing rack kits any time you'd like.

Our clothing racks are a long-term investment. They're designed to be with you from the beginnings of your business, to your large retail store, or from your first house to your forever home.

Add features, adjust height, or completely re-build to upgrade your clothing rack. The modular system allows you to add more pipe and fittings to your existing clothing rack to adapt to your new showroom, warehouse, or closet.

Clothing Rack Kits for any Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can the clothing rack support?

Our pipe can support up to 229 lbs at 6 feet, or up to 689 lbs at 2 feet. How the clothing rack is designed and mounted will also affect how much weight it can hold. Check out our Pipe Guide to get more details on weights and sizes.

What type of clothing can the rack hold?

Our clothing racks can support all types of clothing. From lighter childrens clothing to heavier jackets. These clothing racks can hold and fit it all!

What information do I need to have when looking to design a clothing rack?

Having the height, length and width of the room or closet is the first step. Also having an idea of what style of rack (free standing, wall mounted, double tier, etc.) is important to designing. As well as having a sketch or rough plan of how you envision your clothing rack.

What is the design and ordering process like?

We take your dimensions and outline for your clothing rack and create different blueprints and 3D layouts of your clothing rack and work with you to design the best system to meet your needs. We then create a quote of all the pipe and fittings you'll need and get it submitted and shipped ASAP.

Are the clothing racks free standing or mounted?

They can be both! We can design free standing and mounted clothing racks. Free standing clothing racks can be easily moved around while mounted ones can easily screw into the wall and floor for more support and better use of your space.

What's unique about these clothing racks?

Our clothing racks have the ability to be customized to fit any storage room or closet. They can also be altered if you ever need to change the layout of your room or closet. They can be mounted to the wall or ground, or you can add casters to make a free standing clothing rack more mobile.

What tools do I need to install the clothing racks?

To assemble the pipe and fittings together all you need is an Allen key. If you have a drill with different hex key attachments that'll help the process go quicker. You will also need a drill if your clothing is mounted to the wall or ground.

Are there different color options?

The main powder coating options we offer are glossy white, and flat or glossy black. We also offer glossy gray, yellow, and red but those are on an in-stock basis. If you have another color in mind, please contact our team with the RAL number so we can check if the manufacturer can fulfill that request.

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