Commercial Clothing Racks

Commercial Clothing Racks

Heavy Duty Clothing Racks for
Warehouses and Retail

Durable, Flexible Clothing Rack Solution


Industrial Components

Our commercial-grade clothing racks can support the weight of thousands of garments.

Easy to Assemble

Simple Assembly

Most clothing rack configurations can be assembled by a small team in a single afternoon.


Easily Expand

Our system is designed to grow with you. Easily add additional racks when you need them.

Best Practices

Design Advice

You're not alone, our team of experts are help to you design the perfect system for your space.

Store Thousands of Garments
Store Thousands of Garments
Our clothing racks are used in warehouses around the world to store thousands of garments.
Easily Expand Your Storage Capacity
Easily Expand Your Storage Capacity
Because our clothing racks are modular and easy to install, many customers purchase additional racks and adjust configurations as their storage needs grow.

Commercial clothing racks demand durability and flexible configuration. Simple Rack is a commercial clothing rack system that has industrial quality and is capable of endless configuration. Our clothing racks are constructed with steel or aluminum pipe and are connected with industrial strength Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

Simple Clothing Rack Kits for Retail

To make it easier to order and assemble commercial garment racks, we offer a number of kitted clothing racks. These kits contain all the necessary pipe and fittings to build clothing racks. Whether you need a rolling clothing rack for a retail store or a wall-mounted clothing rack for storage our Simple Rail kits will fit your needs.

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Customer Information

Configuring Your Commercial Clothing Rack

Commercial Garment Racks

You can design your own commercial garment rack system with our components. When designing your commercial clothing rack here are a few details that need to be considered:

  • How much weight will be supported on each span? (Usually we recommend no more than 6 feet for standard garment racks)
  • How much space to you have for the clothing rack?
  • Will the clothing rack be free standing or wall mounted?
  • Are there any special features of the clothing rack? (i.e. wall mounted, rolling racks, double rails, etc.)

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