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The Perfect Bed Frame for the Industrial Bedroom

Industrial Bed Frame

When Joseph from Nerd Wallet, a credit card comparison blog, wanted to outfit his bedroom with industrial furniture, he turned to Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings to help design the perfect industrial bed frame. He used the fittings to connect the headboard and footboard that was made of 2" pipe. He used standard threaded pipe fittings on the headboard and footboard to give a grungier feel. The Kee Lite pipe fittings were used on the bottom frame to support the mattress and keep the entire bed frame connected.

Industrial Bedroom

No doubt that Joseph was inspired by the many different bed frames that can be found in our furniture project gallery. He posted a complete description of his industrial bedroom on his own blog: DIY Industrial Bedroom.

If you want to design an industrial bed for your own home, check out some of the other projects below and feel free to tap into our free design assistance.

Parts for Project

Qty Part Qty Part
10L10-9 - Single Socket Tee

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