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Simple Handrail for Steps Promotes Elderly Mobility

Simple Railing for Elderly Accessibility

Mike from Tennessee installed this simple hand railing on his mother's front steps. His hope was to encourage her mobility by making the front steps easier to navigate. Here's what Mike had to say:

The rail was for my mother who has difficulty navigating steps. I installed the rail in the center of the steps. That way she can use the hand of her choice. I painted the rail with a black hammer finish. It looks great and is super strong. Thank you for a great product! Mike

In a later email he followed up saying:

Since I installed the rail, my mom is going to the mailbox, to the yard, etc.  She would not get out before. The rail has been invaluable to her mobility.

Simple Railing for Elderly Accessibility

Mike highlights a number of great features about our Simple Rail handrail kits.

  • He was able to install the railing himself, even painting it to a color that worked for his surroundings.
  • Unlike wobbly wroght iron railings, Simple Rail's pipe construction is solid and strong.
  • It increases elderly mobility by increasing accessibility.

If you have a need to add a handrail to the steps of your house, consider Simple Rail handrail kits. Railings come in various styles to suit just about any environment.

Parts for Project

Qty Part Qty Part
1SR-029 - Surface 29

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