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Modern Metal Deck Railing

Modern Metal Deck Railing

Kee Klamp railing fittings make modern deck railings that are both attractive and easy to install. This modern deck railing was designed and installed by a customer in Philadelphia. The system offers clean lines, an integrated look, and a strong industrial feel. The railing system uses a set screw locking system so that no welding is required. Very little mechanical ability is required to design and install a deck railing such as the one pictured in this article. It's easy to have a contractor install the system or to do-it-yourself.

Modern Metal Deck Railing Collage

Mark had this to say about his railing:

Originally there was a thirty year old wooden roof deck on the back of the house. The roof needed to be replaced because of a leak. The deck had to come off and I didn't want to replace it with the same material, as it was expensive and time consuming to remove. I choose recycled rubber tiles and a railing supplied by Simplified Building Concepts. I am very happy with the results. Thank you, Mark

Mark's railing provides a modern feel to his new deck and also provides safety! The railing system is built to industrial safety standards and will be more than adequate to protect people who lean against the railing. If the deck will be accessed by children, we recommend infill panels to prevent little kiddies from climbing on the railing.

Modern Deck Railing

Not only is the pipe railing system aesthetically pleasing, it will last forever! Made from galvanized metal, there are no pesky weld points that will be susceptible to rust over time. The galvanization remains unbroken and will keep the railing looking great for years. If galvanized metal is not the look you are going for, no problem! The railing components are also available in aluminum. If color is what you're looking for, we can powder-coat the railing in any RAL color before shipping it to your site. Bottom line, you've got options!

If you want to design a modern looking deck railing for your house or business, peruse our site and then reach out to our projects team. Check out some of the other projects below and then dive into the catalog of fittings. You'll also find a complete tutorial on pipe railing design right here on the site. We are here to answer your questions, so fire when ready.

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