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Industrial Style Retail Clothing Racks

Industrial Style Clothing Racks

Retail clothing racks kits like the ones found here are used in retail shops throughout the world. These particular clothing racks and retail display tables were built in a Fashion Concept store in France. The racks and table bases were painted different colors for the different parts of the store (white for the ladies, and black for the men's section).

Department Store Clothing Racks

The clothing racks are modular and are easy to move about the store. They are very easy to assemble and can be ordered in custom sizes and shapes so that they fit precisely into your retail environment.

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Industrial Style Clothing Racks and Tables

The pipe in the clothing rack and the table bases brings a unifying look to the store. The industrial quality of the fittings and pipe used to build the clothing racks means you won't be replacing them any time soon!

Department Store Tables

We have a complete line of clothing racks that can be used in retail shops. However, our racks are not limited to the retail environment. You'll find that many people use Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to build racks and desks for their home. Check out our projects gallery and reach out to our team of project specialist for assistance.

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