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Portable Adult-Sized See Saw That You Can Build

Portable, Adult*Sized See Saw that You Can Build

The See Saw! Remember that beloved giver of sore rear ends. The see saw seems to have gone out of style on many American playgrounds. It's been replaced by trendier things made of rope and plastic. But the see saw is a classic part of playground fun that should not be forgotten. In honor of building unique stuff from pipe and fittings, the last two years of the Rochester Mini Maker Faire have featured our very own portable see saw. This apparatus was enjoyed by young and old alike (I believe the adults who used it definitely had more fun than the kids!)

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Leather Inspection Table: A Big Idea Made Simple

Leather Inspection Table

Have you ever heard of the Television show "How it’s Made"? It’s a documentary series on the Science Channel showing how everyday items are manufactured. It’s quite fascinating!

Think of this post as one of those episodes, and on Today’s “episode”, we’re discussing leather and Kee Klamps.

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20 Beautiful Railings Built with Pipe

Beautiful Railing

It can be easy to associate pipe and fittings with the industrial aesthetic, which is often imagined as aged, rustic, run down, or in other words, less than perfect visually. However, that's not always the case. Although, fittings are industrial in their use, they can still be used to build great looking structures.

Since, our Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are often used to build railings, we're here to show you that not only can these railings be functional, they can be beautiful too. To prove to you that railings built with pipe and fittings can still look amazing, here are 20 railings that are just as beautiful as they are functional:

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