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Our Customers Love Us

We are continually told by our customers how great they think our web site and our service is. Here's a sample letter from one of our customers that we are particularly proud of:


I recently emailed Simplified Building after searching far and wide on the net for a good system of connectors for a project.  Obviously Kee Klamps are the answer, however I had no real good way of counting connectors since I have never worked with them before.  Needless to say I needed some help and advice in order to procure the proper amount and type of connector.  I should mention I emailed several companies who sell Kee Klamps for help with my project.  To date only Simplified Building has emailed me back. 

I received an email from a Sam Wender notifying me he had my request for information and was working on it that day and would contact me back.  It is awesome that Sam has the presence of mind to email a potential customer to tell them they have been acknowledged and their request is in process.  I cannot tell you how many times I have requested information from companies or sent information to companies only to be left wondering if anyone or anything even received it much less read it or respond to it.  Literally the next day I received a full quote with exactly what I wanted and needed for connectors.  The quote even included several connectors I had totally missed in my own calculations which would have halted my project if they had not been included by Sam.  I then had a design change and emailed Sam back, who with what seems to be magic, emailed me back the changes necessary to complete the project changes and all.  I requested a third quote after that because I was clearly not as organized as I thought with my design.  He sent another right back.  

Sam Wender is a super employee who 'made' the sale for SB just by contacting me back to say he was working on my request.  Not only did the initial email seal the deal for me he continued to go above and beyond by making several changes to the order because I couldn't make a decision.  He never pressured or did anything to make me feel I had done anything but choose the right company to purchase my connectors.  If I had several Sam Wenders at my office I am confidant that my office would run much more smoothly and efficiently.  You have a great employee!

Office Manager & SB Customer Forever

And these comments from users on twitter:

After wasting hours searching online to figure out a #DIY project, I finally found @simplifiedbldg + am in love with their site. So helpful.


Stellar customer service. Next house project needing steel I'm coming back to the folks @simplifiedbldg. Thanks (and give Chris a raise).


Plug for @simplifiedbldg Amazing company and amazing people. Top notch building supplies. #parkour #rochester


Fair Prices, Great Service

As you can see from the comments above we believe in good service. When you come to Simplified, our goal is to help you accomplish your project goals. We charge a fair price for our product so we can offer you quality service. We are not the cheapest company to buy from, but I can tell you that will not find better project and part advice anywhere! We believe that our service levels are worth the extra you pay to buy from Simplified.

We Keep Things Simple

It is our belief that the best things in life are simple. This statement is of course a bit of a paradox. If we really want you to understand what we mean, instead of pretending we have communicated and reached an understanding by bandying about with bumper stickers, we will have spend a few more words talking about what we mean by "simple".

Keeping things simple is not the same thing as being simplistic. Sometimes "simplifying" things that are really complex, makes for more confusion and a worse state than simply being ignorant. Simple does not mean easy. Simplicity is rarely achieved without the exertion of great effort and time. Master builders make things look simple (and to them, they are simple) only after great pains have been spent, making mistakes, trying again, learning.

In simplifying, we are not hoping to spare people the process of learning, but rather to break down the walls that keep experts and non-experts from communicating. The perception of inability comes from those who "know how and do," for whatever reason, not communicating with those who "do not know how but want to". Many experts have stopped learning from other experts and have continued to learn through answering the questions of those who lack expertise.

In simplifying, we are hoping to provoke creativity in problem solving in activities associated with building things. We hope to do this by providing simple building blocks and solutions that do not require ongoing expert oversight in order to create with or implement. We hope to do this by connecting those who "have not yet but want to", with those who "have and can". It is in the meeting of these two groups that we hope to see new ideas birthed and deployed in a way that brings satisfaction and reward to those involved in the simplification.

Keeping things simple requires the admission that there are no experts who exist in a vacuum. We are not building experts, but we do possess a certain amount of expertise in facilitating (can we say simplifying) problem solving. We have chosen the art/science/process of building because it affords a coherent opportunity to bring together the work of the mind and the work of the hands. We believe reality is not found in divorcing thinking from doing, but in bringing them together - what better place than in building things.

Personally, we have been amazed by the wisdom of those who work, and fix, and build with their hands, and shocked to find out how "unlearned" they are in modern terms. The shock has been a delight. We look forward to more of these experiences as we contribute our piece to the puzzle.