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Home Projects PVC Arched Greenhouse

PVC Arched Greenhouse

Project Details

In this project we show you how to build a small arched greenhouse out of PVC. See the Project files section to download the instructions as a PDF.


Qty Part Qty Part
2(A) 139" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC) 2(B) 148-1/2" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC)
5(C) 228" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC) 4(D) 36" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC)
4(E) 72" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC) 10(F) 27" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC)
2(G) 67" (1 inch sch. 40 PVC) 10(H) 4" (1-1/4 inch sch. 40 PVC)
100-130PVC SCS - (I) 1-1/4" Snap Clamps 4" 30PVC10 - (J) 1" Slip Tee
4PVC20 - (K) 1" 3 way L 8PVC15 - (L) 1" Elbow (90 degree)
10(M) 12+" Ground Stake (Wood or Metal) 1(P) 20' x 13' Top Cover (Plastic, Netting or Shade)
2(S) 12-1/2' x 7' End Cover 1(T) 78" x 38" Door Cover
1(U) 38" x 38" Window Cover 100-130(W) Self Tapping Screws (3/4" Long)
(Z) PVC Glue


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