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Simplified Building Brand Gets an Update

Simplified Building - Updated Brand

Simplified Building started back in 2006 with the help of many friends. One of those friends was Tony Steck, a designer with Doxa. With our input, Tony developed the original brand for Simplified Building Concepts.

Simplified Building Concepts - Original Brand

Original Brand

Over time, one thing became clear, "concepts" was one word too many in our brand.

I can't tell you how many times we've been called "Simplified Building Solutions" or "Simplified Building Services". You name it! Anything but "Concepts".

Even in our own communication we realized that we always referred to ourselves as simply, "Simplified Building".


Simplified Building Brand

Updated Brand


Well the time has come for a change. We've updated the look and feel of our logo to accomplish two main goals.

1) We're dropping the term "Concepts". As I've already said, it's how we're known and "Concpets" adds no additional meaning to the products and services that we provide.

2) We've update the logo to be more consistent with our other brand, "Simplified Safety".


Simplified Safety Brand

Simplified Safety Brand


Helping to simplify your building process has been the core of our business from the beginning. Now we will embody that even more clearly in our updated brand.

Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen Island Helps You Entertain Your Guests

Kitchen Island for Entertaining

When you entertain guests, do you find yourself pulling out an old card table from the garage?  Not exactly a great backdrop for your fancy hor d’oeuvres! We all want a little extra counter space for entertaining and food preparation. But how can you add extra counter space without permanently fixing a small structure in the middle of your kitchen? Margaret Mason solved this kitchen conundrum by adding a rolling table that doubles as an island. 

Margaret used our Basic Table Frame Kit as a template and added her own unique features. She worked hand in hand with our Projects Team to design her very own kitchen island. By measuring out her butcher block dimensions, we were able to have all the lengths of pipe pre-cut for the frame. The pipe frame was joined together with Kee Klamp fittings.  Kee Klamp made the entire structure easy to assemble. All Margaret needed to assemble the table was an hex wrench, a crescent wrench, some wood screws and a screw driver. 

Kitchen Rolling Table

Margaret made the table versatile by adding a couple of locking and non-locking casters to the feet.  This allows the kitchen island to roll with ease. When preparing for dinner parties, the table can be rolled into the center of the kitchen to provide preparation and serving space. By releasing the brakes, this island goes from being a place for your morning cup of coffee to additional counter space! This kitchen island goes a long way to making the most of your usable workspace.

Kitchen Rolling Table

Along with being versatile, she needed this island to be functional! Our basic table frame can only accomplish so much. Margaret needed more! She had the great idea of adding additional cross bars to the island and uses them to hold her towels. However you can hang just about anything on these! Don’t need the extra towel bars? You could just as easily add shelving, cabinets, hanging hooks, and additional storage space to the frame.

Kitchen Rolling Table

Here is what Margaret had to say regarding her new kitchen island:

It is versatile because I can use it as a movable workspace, or as a gathering spot for guests in the kitchen when we entertain.  We did that last night and it was a huge success.  Even though it is small--25 x 48 tabletop--five/six people fit around it very comfortably for hors d'oeuvres.  The casters make moving it very easy, and it's simple to lock into place.  I just love it." 

Butcher blocks are great to work with. They can be used for just about any table-like structure. From a kitchen island to a custom desk, coffee tables and nightstands, our projects team is here to help you.

Architectural Students Explore Shape Shifting Structures Using Kee Klamp

Architectural Students Explore Shape Shifting Structures Using Kee Klamp

The university setting is a great place for exploration. This is exactly what Nik Nikolov is doing with fellow faculty and students at Lehigh University's Mountaintop: exploring how shape shifting and architecture intersect. They are in the early days of exploration and development, but you now never know how these studies might transform the way that we live. Watch a couple of these videos to get a sense of what the students are doing.

One of their recent posts shows a diagram of the structure and how it comes together. Using steel pipe, Kee Klamp pipe fittings, Teflon tape and rubber rods, they are fashioning a structure that is interactive in nature.

Shape Shifter Diagram

The team selected Kee Klamp because of their paradoxical combination: they can be used to build a rigid steel structure that still maintains some degree of flexibility. The clamps slide on to the pipe and can be left free floating or clamped down.

Using fittings from our Sketchup library, they were able to construct a virtual model in a CAD program before beginning the hands on work.

The short-term goal for this particular project is to cover it with an elastic skin and feature it at an upcoming local event. Over the long term its exciting to imagine where these ideas might take us.

You can follow the progress of the Shape Shifter team on their Tumblr blog.

Rock Solid Athletic Structures Made with Kee Klamp

Rock Solid Athletic Structures

Summer is here! Time to get outside and get active. Kee Klamp and pipe make a great foundation for all kinds of athletic structures.

This is what you'll love:

1) They are rock solid - industrial quality that can take a severe beating.

2) They can be easily disassembled - take them anywhere.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Parkour, Free Running Structures

Parkour, Free Running Structures

If you like Parkour, you'll love using Kee Klamp. These fittings are used in parkour gyms all over the United States and Europe. They build solid structures that can be endlessly configured.

Also see: Urban Movement's Structures, Base Fitness' Structures, and Miami Freerunning's Structures

Obstacle Race Structures

Obstacle Race Structures

Obstacle racing is officially the in thing to do! We've helped design obstacles for some of the premier races including Spartan Race and Men's Fitness.

Also see: Monkey Bar Structure, Cargo Net Structure

Freestanding Ballet Barres

Freestanding Ballet Barres

These Ballet barres are portable and very stable. Built using Kee Lite aluminum fittings, they can also be made to attach to the wall.

Also see: Backyard Gymnastics Bar

Build a Backyard Greenhouse

Lacrosse Nets

Think of a small, heavy ball being thrown at great force. Now imagine it coming into contact with a PVC structure. You get the idea! That's why you want to build netting structures with pipe and fittings!

Also see: Sports Enclosure, Portable Soccer Goals

Railing for Your Steps

Crossfit Pull Up Structures

So, how many pull ups can you do? Yeah, that's what I thought. Crossfit is a great way to get in shape. Kee Klamp is a great choice for building versatile pull up bars.

Also see: Spartan Pull Up Challenge, Portable Workout Gym

Shade Structure Built on a Solid Foundation

BMX Bike Obstacles

Event management is tough enough without making the structures more complicated. These BMX obstacles are made out of aluminum and can be broken down for easy transport.

Also see: Spartan Race Obstacles

Personal Outdoor Gym and Workout Structure

Personal Outdoor Gym and Workout Structure

Take your routine outside this summer with a workout cube. Design a structure that facilitates the kinds of exercises that work best for your body.

Also see: CrossFit Pull Up Station, Portable Workout Gym

Heavy Duty Portable Soccer Goal

Heavy Duty Portable Soccer Goal

Most of the time when you think "portable soccer goal" you think "cheap piece of PVC junk." No longer! This project shows you how to build a heavy duty portable soccer goal out of pipe.

Also see: Obstacles for Obstacle Races

Banner Support for Local Sporting Events

Banner Support for Local Sporting Events

From finish line to sponsorship banners, build a durable, reusable structure to hang signage.

Also see: Maker Faire Sign Supports


Design a Space Saving Closet Using Pipe and Fittings

Design a Space Saving Closet

Sadly, most closets are poorly designed. Most are small and narrow , with a bar spanning from wall to wall. This bar is generally bending in the middle and creaks every time you add another hanger. An added feature may be the rotting particle board shelving taking up much needed room. 

This is your closet! It should be configured just for you, not stocked with particle board shelving and tubing that couldn’t hold all your jeans on a good day.

This is where we found Bob Lyell. After searching on the internet for “closet systems”, he Googled “clothing racks” and found our site. He began working with our projects team to design and create a free standing clothing rack that would fit inside his closet. He also expected it to be strong, easy to install, and made to fit his closet. Here is what he came up with!

Design a Space Saving Closet

Bob took a standard clothing rack idea from our kits page and made it work for him. He added an extra cross bar for additional storage, while leaving plenty of room for his shelving/drawers. All the lengths of pipe were custom cut to perfectly fit into his closet.  Because of our modular pipe and fittings set-up, all the hang bars are completely adjustable in height.

Because the rack is based off the free-standing garment rack, it can move with him or even be used outside the closet:

It is not attached to the walls, so it can be easily disassembled and moved.  Since it isn't a built in, I can take it with me should I sell my house.

If the customizing wasn’t simple enough, putting this creation together was even simpler! Here is what Bob had to say after receiving his new clothing rack:

I can only reiterate how easy it was to work with all of you and how well the fittings worked.  It was easier to assemble than I thought.  All of the pipes were cut to the correct length and cut squarely.  Things worked exactly as advertised.

Design a Space Saving Closet

With our Kee Klamp system, all you will need is an allen wrench to put together your next project.  All the pipe will arrive at your location in pre-cut lengths. Once your box shows up, it will be just like putting Tinker Toys™ together.

Because of the nature of our pipe and fittings, this clothing rack will last a lifetime! That being said, you are also saving yourself a bunch of time and money by using Kee Klamp. For around $350, Bob put his clothing rack together and can now bring it with him wherever he goes. 

Need help getting the most usage out of your closet? Or maybe you just need additional storage for your wardrobe! Tap into our projects team for free design assistance.

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