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Office Cubicles that Provide Privacy and Facilitate Collaboration

Kee Klamp Cubicles

In our last post we talked about the process of moving into our new office, covering the eventual path we took to landing in the new space and the reasoning behind choosing to use Kee Klamp throughout the office. If you haven't had a chance to read through it, check it out here: "Creating the Perfect Office Layout".

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Creating the Perfect Office Layout

Kee Klamp Tables - Concrete Table

A short while back (I say short while but it's been almost 6 months already!) the Simplified team uprooted from a small cramped office to a new, much larger space. We are fortunate to have done well as a company and therefore have brought on more people, which ultimately led to a need for a bigger space.

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Wall Mounted Desks - Great For Small Spaces!

Wall Mounted Desks

Arranging furniture to look aesthetically pleasing is already a challenge, especially with a limited amount of space. This is when it helps to think outside the attaching your desk to a wall! Wall mounted desks are great for small nooks and crannies because they re-purpose an already existing structure in your room. Wall Mounted desks have a simple design, clean lines, and can make any area look good. Even more good news, you don't have to be an expert craftsman to put one together! Here are several different ways you can use a wall mounted desk, and proof that they fit well in small spaces.

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Rugged Butcher Block Desk

Rugged Butcher Block Desk

Inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the many happy customers that came before him, Brian, a recent Simplified Building customer, set off to build himself a custom DIY pipe desk. With an unlimited number of options available to him, Brian was only bound to the limits of his creativity. In building his new desk that creativity flourished. The Rugged Butcher Block Desk that you see today is the result of Brian's hard work and many hours spent to create something truly unique. The desk is a visually stunning piece that has caught the eyes of many and is something to be proud of. Let's take a closer at how Brian crafted this piece of art:

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Industrial Styled Railing for Loft Living

Industrial Style Railing

Loft living tends to have a very vague definition for what it actually is. I've seen loft apartments that are simply wide open spaces with large ceilings, very often set in what used to be an old factory or warehouse. Then there's an actual loft. An area that sits atop another providing a second floor or platform raised above the other. Similar to a second story or floor, the loft features a more open design that often leaves a section of the room uncovered with a drop off to the floor below it. Hence the need for safety railing in a lot of loft applications.

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