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How to Build a Loft Bed Frame

How to Build a Loft Bed Frame

In this post, we show you how to build a popular loft pipe bed frame found on Pinterest. We walk you through each step you'll need to take to build the frame and provide graphics to better illustrate the instructions.

The frame itself weighs about 180 lbs and totals about $790. The loft bed frame, in the configuration we are showing in this post, measures 84" H x 75" L x 38" W. It is meant to accommodate a twin size mattress. However, the frame could be configured before purchase to fit a larger mattress if desired.

Directly below are the fittings and other components you will need to assemble the frame followed by the instructions. Let get to it:

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Looking Backward and Forward 2015

Joy to the World

Pictured from upper left moving clockwise: Chris Pollock, Michael Hannah, Michael Braun, Dan Wampler, Anthony Grissett, Vivien Reed, Kevin Green. Not Pictured Above: Julian Adams, Sam Wender, Joey Ferrera-Schryver, Acton Smith, Josh Borowiec.

The turning of a new year is always a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.  The holidays bring a natural breaking point from daily activities and give us an opportunity to reflect.  Christmas time is a joyous time here at Simplified.  We hope that you enjoyed your celebrations and are looking forward to the new year. 

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80 Different Projects You Can Build with Kee Klamp

80 Different Project You Can Build with Kee Klamp

Simplified Building has been selling Kee Klamp fittings for 10 years now.  In that time we have seen our customers build some amazing projects.  

As a tribute to the versatility of these fittings and in celebration of Kee Klamp's 80th Anniversary, we've put together this article to showcase 80 different projects you can build with Kee Klamp. These projects range from home furniture, railing, sport structures, and more. Browse through the different projects below to see all the unique things you can build. There's also a video below from Kee Klamp to celebrate their 80th Anniversary.

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DIY Parkour Gym Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Structures

DIY Parkour Gym Equipment: The Ultimate Guide

Parkour is a physical and demanding sport. Not just on you and your body, but the structures that you practice on. If you're thinking of building your own Parkour gym equipment, you need to be prepared to build something that will be able to handle the type of abuse it will go through. Pushing, pulling, swinging, jumping, each puts a tremendous amount of stress on a structure and you want to be sure that your Parkour equipment can handle it.

This post is meant to be a guide for those of you thinking about building your own Parkour gym equipment. As a company that has helped many Parkour enthusiasts as well as full-fledged Parkour gyms to design and build their own equipment, we know what it takes to design equipment that lives up to the abuse it will go through. Important topics such as safety, stability, building material, pipe size, adjustability, configuration, and portability, are all topics we will cover in-depth.

While we believe Kee Klamp is a superior material to build Parkour structures, we will cover what you need to know if you build your equipment with wood or even any other type of pipe and pipe connector.

So without further ado, let's jump into it with the first and most important topic you should consider before starting your build, Safety and Stability:

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8 Deck Railing Ideas

Deck Railing Ideas

If you're looking for a railing for your home deck or porch, you might feel you need to resort to hiring a contractor to build one. But many of customers have done just the opposite, building a railing all by themselves. Our stair railing kits and other railing solutions make it possible for just about anyone to install their own railing using just a few basic tools.

Our customers are often grateful for how easy the railing was to assemble. They also appreciate the versatility and durability of the components. To show you can build your own deck railing, here are eight customers examples to help inspire you:

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