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Modern Railing for a Rustic Home Stairway Remodel

Modern Stair Railing

The beauty of Kee Klamp is that it fits almost anywhere and everywhere. Our customers use Kee Klamp fittings and pipe for a huge range of purposes ranging from pipe desks to trade show booths to railing solutions to...pretty much anything you can think of. The uses really are endless. Not only that, the aesthetic qualities of Kee Klamp can create a modern look but oddly enough, at the same time create a vintage, rustic vibe. It's a highly unique product limited only by ones imagination. And our customers are in no shortage of imagination or creativity. Our customers continue to surprise use with unique structures and visually stunning builds. This railing put together by one of our recent customers is by far no exception.

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Adding Railing to a Stone Wall

Adding Railing to Stone Walls

Attaching a railing to a stone wall may be seem like a daunting task but it's simpler than you may think. This is especially true when using Kee Access ADA Railing. The versatility and flexibility of Kee Access makes it easy to add a railing to an irregular surface like a curved stone wall.

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Weather Resistant Railing That Won’t Rust

Weather Resistant Railing That Won't Rust

When it comes to harsh environments, some would argue that there are none harsher than Upstate New York. (Trust me, I see an awful lot of complaints on Facebook every year about the drudgery of our snowy climate. It is baffling to me how distraught people get when they know that this happens every year.) In any case, while it may be somewhat of an exaggerated statement, Upstate New York does see some fierce weather especially during the long winter months. Maintaining safety during these months can be a difficult task for anyone, not to mention doing so in a state park that has 19 waterfalls, receives 49 inches of average yearly snowfall, and sees thousands of visitors every year.

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Build Your Own DIY Computer Gaming Desk

Custom DIY Industrial Pipe Desk for Gaming and Design

When you're an intense computer gamer you need a setup that helps you perform to the best of your ability. Desks built specifically for gaming allow for comfortable playing for long durations, easy access to everything you may need with minimal effort, and room for multiple monitors. It's a must to have more than one monitor for gaming right?

This is where we were able to help Martin out. He was looking for a desk that he could use for computer gaming being particularly excited for the upcoming Star Citizen. Not only that, but he also wanted to use this desk for graphic design work. And finally, he wanted a desk that was adjustable and could be easily deconstructed and put back together since Martin was looking to move out of his apartment into a new house soon.

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Modernizing Your Home with Industrial Pipe

Modernizing Your Home with Industrial Pipe

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of industrial chic design is the urban, utilitarian simplicity of weathered steel, recycled and repurposed wood, and exposed seams. The industrial style didn’t actually start as a style at all, but rather as an absence of style that focused on function over form. Instead of hiding evidence of construction with paint and polish, the industrial look lets forged metal, gears, piping, reclaimed wood, and unfinished, rough-around-the-edges surfaces take center stage. The resultant look is a somewhat androgynous style that’s both rugged and sleek, mixing repurposed or reclaimed materials with the feel of a warehouse loft.

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