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Home Blog 5 Popular DIY PVC Projects


5 Popular DIY PVC Projects

DIY PVC Projects

Don't let the cheap price and unassuming appearance of PVC pipe fool you. This ordinary, everyday industrial instrument is the exact tool you've been looking for to create functional, one-of-a-kind pieces around your home in mere hours.

Once reserved for drainage pipe and electrical cable insulation, PVC pipe - formally known as polyvinyl chloride - is making quite a name for itself around the DIY home decor design front. PVC pipe's wide availability, and almost effortless architectural arrangement, make it the perfect go-to material for those badly needed functional fixtures around your home that you just cannot justify paying a carpenter or welder to construct for you.

PVC pipe's lightweight design never, ever rusts; does not emit toxic fumes; can remain intact without any maintenance for up to 15 years, and is resistant to varying temperatures, chemicals, fertilizers and decaying soil compounds. Best of all, you can literally beat it with a stick and it just will not budge.

We at Simplified Building Concepts are honored that PVC pipe-builder extraordinaire Brooks Owen of sends his own readers to our site to check out our PVC pipe and pipe fitting offerings. We would like to pay homage to a few of Brooks' ingenious designs that he says you can easily make at home using PVC pipe, a pencil, a measuring tape and a saw.

It is important for us to inform you that you can use standard PVC pipe to create your own versions of these pieces. However, Furniture Grade PVC pipe is sturdier, more UV-resistant, and does not have the unsightly markings found on the standard variety.

Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

Pre-made wooden quilting racks are generally quite expensive, and building a wooden rack yourself would not save you much time or money. On the other hand, this PVC pipe quilt rack is a low-cost alternative that you can easily put together yourself in hours. You can also adjust the measurements if the quilts you usually make are bigger or smaller than the dimensions shown in these plans.

PVC Quilt Rack (PDF)

Hose Caddy

Hose Caddy

Eliminate your messy outdoor hose situation once and for all with this simple hose caddy plan from The sleek, simplistic design has rollers on the bottom that allow you to effortlessly move the caddy to and from any place in your yard.

PVC Hose Caddy (PDF)

Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

Frustrated with hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pain deriving from the awkward way your laptop rests on your desk? Create this simple laptop stand and restore your good posture – and bodily comfort – today.

PVC Laptop Stand (PDF)

PVC Birdhouse

PVC Birdhouse

Upcycle your old license plates with this beautiful and simple PVC birdhouse plan. These retro-looking pieces are perfect for attracting numerous types of birds into your yard. These PVC birdhouses also make unusual birthday, Easter or Christmas gifts for your friends, family members, co-workers and business associates.

PVC Birdhouse (PDF)

PVC Clock

PVC Clock

Make your own beautiful, nautical-inspired PVC clocks for your bedroom, study or living room. Notice how Brooks used a mottled painting effect to add depth and visual interest to the finished clock shown on the far right picture. Experiment with different clock inserts and painting effects to create your own versions of this clever design.

PVC Clock (PDF)

We hope you enjoy creating these magnificent PVC pipe pieces on your own, and would love to see the pictures of your completed projects. Please let us know if you have any questions about our Furniture Grade PVC pipe or PVC pipe fittings. We are happy to help you alter any of dimensions of the free plans from to make them a better fit for your individual needs.

Even More Inspiration

If liked these PVC projects and you want more inspiration projects built with PVC pipe and fittings, visit our Pinterest Board: PVC Pipe Creations.

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