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Home Blog Archive for 10 2011


Rebuilding Together Builds Railing for Blind Couple

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit organization which focuses on perservering affordable homeownership. The working out of this vision meant the installation of a railing and walkway at the home of a blind couple in a Montana community. The railing is making it easier for the couple to access their mailbox at the end of the driveway.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

It is great to see that the simplicity of Kee Klamp pipe railing is enabling charity based groups to provide something for their community. Volunteer contractors and general homeowner can easily install this modular based railing, making it more accessible for people employing volunteer labor.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

Here are some more picutres of the modular pipe railing that was installed. They utilized some of the ADA pipe fittings to forum a smooth surface at the termination points of the railing.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

This project also shows the use of the variable angle fitting. Instead of having the pipe pre-bent which can be costly and prone to error, they used inline variable angle pipe fittings to ensure that the railing would angle correctly along the walking surface.

Kudos to Randy for his great work on this project. We'll be sending him a Simplified Building T-Shirt!

Simplified Publishes ADA Railing Manual


For years we have sold Kee Access ADA Railing components. These components have made it possible for contractors and business owners to build ADA railings without the need for welding and specialized labor. Every project that we do brings more knowledge and expertise to our team, making us better at designing your ADA railing job.

To simplify the installation processes even further we have created the Simplified ADA Railing Manual. This manual contains helpful information such as installation tips, required tools and helpful diagrams to help you simply and quickly install your ADA railing. This manual will make it easier to communicate with your installation team. Easy to read diagrams show how most components fit together, and how typical ADA railing systems should be arranged and spaced.

While this manual does not cover every ADA railing configuration, we feel it will be very helpful to our customers who are installing ADA railings.

Find out more about our ADA Railing system and click here to download the ADA Railing Manual.

Simple Rack Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Clothing Boutique

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

Blu Noir, a women's clothing boutique and mini art gallery in Las Vegas, has outfitted their entire store with our Simple Rack clothing racks. Using them throughout the floor, their vision is to frequently change the arrangement of the store. They chose the Freestanding Clothing Rack with a single bar to provide adequate hanging space and optimal portability.

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

To bring a custom look to their clothing racks they had them powder coated. The powder coating adds a unique look and another level of durability to the finish of the clothing racks.

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

To make it easier to move their racks about the store, they chose the caster footing option. Each rack comes with two standard and two breaking casters. This makes it possible to move racks around but keep them in place when needed.

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

Simple Rack clothing racks make great retail clothing racks because they are made from heavy duty industrial components. These components give the store a clean, modern look and are also extremely durable.

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

Clothing Racks in Las Vegas Boutique

For a long time people have used Kee Klamp fittings to build custom clothing rack structures. We have made it even easier though our Simple Rack clothing rack kits. There are four main styles of clothing racks that can be purchased, each with a variety of options.

Wether your looking for a standard clothing rack, or something custom, get in touch with our projects department and we'll ensure that your receive the right clothing rack for your retail or home environment.

Computer Standing Desk with Adjustable Shelf Storage

Customer Standing Desk

With all the bad news about sitting on your butt these days, standing desks are all the rage. I use one myself on a regular basis and have posted many blog posts about customer-built standing desks on this site. Meachell from Nevada got inspired and built this standing desk.  Here’s what she had to say about her desk:

My husband and I built this standing desk for our use at home. We used poplar for the top and lower shelf. The Kee Klamps made assembly VERY easy. The height of the shelf is adjustable to suit individual needs. Now, all of our friends want one....

This is the kind of thing we love to read, "Kee Klamps made assembly VERY easy". Meachell or her husband may not be expert wood workers, but that doesn't stop them from building a customized desk to meet their own needs. Kee Klamp fittings are definitely more expensive than wood, but they enable 'the rest of us' to be able to build custom structures without building expertise.

Building this standing desk themselves made it possible for them to build the desk to the exact height that was appropriate for their family.

Customer Standing Desk

We hope you'll get inspired to build your own Kee Klamp structure. If you do, be sure to send us pictures and we'll send you a Simplified T-shirt, just like the one we're sending to Meachell!

Side Mounted Dock Railing with Built-In Gate

Dock Railing with Gate

When accessing a dock, a railing provides an extra layer of fall protection. The railing keeps people from falling into the water and it also keep unauthorized people off of the dock. This dock railing, sent in by one our customers, shows how simply a Kee Klamp railing can be attached to an existing dock structures.

Because Kee Klamp fittings are fully galvanized they make a great choice when used in damp environments.

Dock Railing with Gate

Through the use of the Kee Klamp 68 Wall Mounted Flange, the railing is attached to the side of the wooden joist. The three mounting holes allow the pipe fitting to be securely mounted to the side of the dock. In this case the flange was screwed into the wooden joist underneath the dock, but it can also be easily mounted to concrete, brick or steel.

Dock Railing with Gate

The uprights of the dock railing consists of 26 Two Socket Crosses in the middle and the 25 Three Socket Tee on the top of the pipe railing.

Dock Railing with Gate

One of the most unique features of this railing is the integrated gate. The gate itself is made up of four Elbow fittings and two Tees.

Dock Railing with Gate

The gate is attached to the rest of the railing through the use of the pin and eye fittings. These fittings allow for the construction of a simple gate hinge. The gate is secured through a clever spring loaded latch that was devised by the customer.

Dock Railing with Gate

Pipe Railing is Our Business

If you are looking to design a pipe railing with fittings, please contact us. Our projects team will be glad to help you design a railing that will meet the needs of your environment.

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